Tone’s 2 Firebird

Firebird is not just another synthesizer. It provides a powerful, unique, and innovative synthesis architecture for next-generation sounds never heard before.

300 build-in sounds present a full range of useful workhorse studio standards as well as very special Firebird sounds characterized by multilayered subtle modulations which add new life and dynamics to the sounds.

Firebird can sound like many other virtual synthesizers but none of them can sound like Firebird can. Why?

Harmonic Content Morphing (HCM) Synthesis

The new synthesis method is based on a large and expandable repertoire of standard waves like saw or pulse as well as complex waves like multi waves, trumpets, organs, pads, pianos, and voice samples. These waves can be modified in real-time by e.g. transposing the wave by one or two octaves and adding it to the original wave, altering its harmonic structure, syncing, compressing or expanding the frequency domain of the spectrum, making the wave fat using only one (!) oscillator by transforming each wave into a hyper-wave, selecting some cycles of a sample and moving through them over time (comparable to wavetable synthesis).
Any modification of a wave can be modulated producing lively shimmery sounds (recall: with only one oscillator!). In total there are more than 18,000 different spectra available for combination and modulation.

Filter and effects

The filter is much more than what you would expect: It is a standard biquad-based or a Moog-type low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, notch, or shelving filter. But it can also provide more complex characteristics for vocal or M-shape filters. Finally, it gives you ADSR- or LFO-modulated phaser-effects, AM- or FM-modulation.
The effects section has several reverb and stereo tab delay variations, chorus, ensemble, flanger, and rotary effects as well as combinations.
Firebird comes with an extremely powerful arpeggiator.
A fat knob doubles or quadruples the number of oscillators giving up to 8 (!) oscillators per voice.
IQM (intelligent micro tuning) makes chords harmonically cleaner and at the same time more fat.


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