Mastermix – Summer Party (2011)

Mastermix - Summer Party (2011)

Mastermix – Summer Party (2011)

Mixed Tracklist:
A.Rock & Roll Summer (9:08)
[01] I Get Around [Beach Boys]
[02] Barbara Ann [Beach Boys]
[03] Summertime Blues [Eddie Cochran]
[04] Fun Fun Fun [Beach Boys]
[05] Surfin U.S.A. [Beach Boys]
[06] La Bamba [Los Lobos]
[07] On The Beach [Cliff Richard & The Shadows Hawaii]

B.Extended Summer Floorfiller Loco In Acapulco (7:21) [Loco In Acapulco Four Tops]

C.60s Summer Of Love (11:35)
[01] Hole In My Shoe [Traffic]
[02] Mellow Yellow [Donovan]
[03] This Wheels On Fire [Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity]
[04] San Francisco (Be Sure To [Wear]
[05] Some Flowers In Your Hair) [Scott McKenzie]
[06] California Dreamin [Mamas & The Papas]
[07] Lets Go To San Francisco [Flower Pot Men]
[08] Frozen Orange Juice [Peter Sarstedt]
[09] Happy Together [Turtles]

D.Pure Summer Dance (14:53)
[01] Sunshine [Umboza]
[02] Latinos Del Mundo [Latin Thing]
[03] Bingo Bango [Basement Jaxx]
[04] Spiller From Rio (Mount Rushmore Radio Mix) [Laguna]
[05] Sun Is Shining [Bob Marley Vs. Funkstar De Luxe]
[06] Samba De Janeiro [Bellini]
[07] Cafe Del Mar (Original Three N One Mix) [Energy 52]
[08] On The Beach (CRW Radio Edit) [York]

E.Extended Summer Party (16:27)
[01] Sex On The Beach [T-Spoon]
[02] All Summer Long [Kid Rock]
[03] Were Going To Ibiza [Vengaboys]
[04] Miami [Will Smith]

F.Aswad: Chilled Out Covers (11:13)
[01] Stir It Up
[02] Night Nurse
[03] You Dont Love Me (No No No)
[04] Searching
[05] Lifted
[06] Would I Lie To You
[07] Shy Guy
[08] Dont Turn Around

G.Extended Summer Floorfiller Sex On The Beach (5:41) [T-Spoon]

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