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Soundz For The People Vol. 123 – 2014


Absolute Dancefloor – Bacia Me (Mashup)
Andrew Craver – Omg Again And Again
Danny D Angelis – Top 40 Podcast (28 Minutes)
DJ Alrach – Alicia Keys Ft. Nicki Minaj – Girl On Fire (Clap Acapella In)
DJ Alrach – DJ Antoine Ft. U-jean – Give It Up For Love (Peak Hour Banger)
DJ Alrach – Faydee – Rock The Night (Clubmix Hype)
DJ Alrach – Juan Magan – Lady Loca (Latin Banger)
DJ Alrach – Kesha Vs. Nelly Furtado – Do It Die Young (Mash-up)
DJ Amo – Hands Inna Air (Reggaeton Party Break)
DJ AtWill – Forgot About Dre (DJ Intro Outro Club Redrum)
DJ AtWill – I Want You Back (Uptempo Club Redrum) 115bpm
DJ AtWill – Strike It Up (DJ Intro Outro Redrum)
DJ AtWill – Who Am I (Whats My Name) (DJ Intro Outro Redrum) (w & wo Hype) (Clean & Dirty)
DJ AtWill – Who Am I (Whats My Name) (DJ Transition Redrum 127 – 96bpm) (Clean & Dirty)
DJ Corrupt – Alesso – Clash (Trap Remix) (Mark Instinct Boot – Corrupt Edit)
DJ Gero – Clarity Electro (Party Starter Clap Intro)
DJ Gero – Moment For Life (Party Hype Intro And Outro)
DJ Gero – Rest Of My Life (Guitar Extended Mix)
DJ Gero – The Haterz (Extended Mix)
DJ Hand – Alex Clare – Bounce Too Close (Electro Peakhour Banger)
DJ Hand – Flo Rida – Let It Roll (Ultimate Hype)
DJ Hand – Pitbull – Oye Baby (Tribal Peakhour)
DJ Hand – Whoomp Vs Low Vs Bass Down Low (Ultimate Banger)
DJ Jet – Sugar Were Going Down (Quick Hype Edit)
DJ Jhapz – Me & You (DJ Jhapz 2013 Rock The Hussle Intro)
DJ Keith Nasty – Scream And Shout (Keith Nasty Offical)
DJ Lil Roy – Bad Bitches (Intro Outro Break)
DJ Lil Roy – I Need A Miracle 2013 (Big Room House Banger)
DJ Lil Roy – Suit And Give It To Me (Segway Dirty)
DJ Mon – Angelina (DM Reworks) (bpm 100)
DJ Mon – Catch My Breath (DM Clubmix) (bpm 124)
DJ Mon – Harlem Shake (DM Clap Party Starter Trannymix) (bpm 128 – 70)
DJ Mon – Only You (DM Old School Reworks) (bpm 96)
Jenil – Dance Ass (Nicki Minaj Dutch Transition) (2 Edits)
Jenil – Dance Ass Transition 130 – 80bpm (Clean & Dirty)

Soundz For The People Vol. 123 – 2014 (Rapidgator)
Soundz For The People Vol. 123 – 2014 (Fileparadox)

Soundz For The People Vol. 122 – 2014


Andrew Craver – Hold On To Black & Yellow
Danny D Angelis – Diamonds (Danny D Reggae Edit)
DJ Alrach – Alexis Jordan Ft. J Cole & Bingo Players – Acid Rain (Club Banger)
DJ Alrach – Chase Manhattan Feat. Fatman Scoop – Hands Up (Big Room Banger)
DJ Alrach – Mark Vs. Next – Too Close Vs Return Of The Mack (Old School Mashup)
DJ Amo – Mercy Vs. You Used To Hold Me
DJ Ariel Assault – Otra Noche 2 Give Me Everything (Professionalz Transition 96 – 129bpm)
DJ AtWill – Battle Scars (DJ Intro Outro Redrum)
DJ AtWill – Jungle Love (DJ Intro Redrum)
DJ AtWill – Macklemore – And We Dance (DJ Intro Outro Club Redrum) (w & wo Hype)
DJ Gero – Hands Up (Party Hype)
DJ Gero – Rest Of My Life (Party Hype Mix Intro And Outro)
DJ Hand – Otherside (Bmore)
DJ Hans – Fucking Foxy Tonight (Biggie Gets Foxy)
DJ Keith Nasty – Fuckin Problem (Tran 128 – 96bpm)
DJ Lil Roy – Dance To Lilroy’s Dutch Remix
DJ Lil Roy – Sweet Dreams (Break Dutch Big Room Banger)
DJ Mista Cee – All Gold Everything (DJ Mista Cee Bootleg)
DJ Mon – Freak (DM Clubmix) (bpm 128)
DJ Mon – Help Your Self (DM Oldiemix)
DJ Mon – I Could Be The One (DM Clubmix) (bpm 128)
DJ Rich – Braxton – Only Love (Throwback Redrum)
DJ Rich – Christina Aguilera – Dirty (Hyped Throwback)
DJ Rich – Pitbull – You’re Ma Cherie (Clean)
DJ Santi Santos – Lets Go Cannonball
DJ Sk0olboy – Taxi (Ragga Redrum Mix)
Jenil – Acapella Intro & Outro Megapack Vol. 3
Jenil – E.T. (Dutch Transition 76 – 128bpm)
Jenil – Loca People Remix Clash (WTF Transition 105 – 128bpm)
Jenil – Sexy And I Know It (Tall Boys X Mord Fustang Transition 100 – 130bpm)
JX – Daylight (JX Vs Jfernandez Bootleg)
JX – Just One Last Time (JX Million Voices Edit)
JX – Shooting Clarity (JX Mashtrack)
Rob Conti – Dont Stop The Party (Gregor Salto Flip)
Stereo Bangers – Danza To Oi
X-Factor – Chasing Paradise (XF Bootleg)
X-Factor – Cry (SF Oldschool Startmix)
X-Factor – Flashback (XF Language Bootleg)
X-Factor – You Sexy Rattle (SF Miracle Rework)

Soundz For The People Vol. 122 – 2014

Soundz For The People Vol. 121 – 2014


Absolute Dancefloor – Stay (Redrum)
Andrew Craver – Dirty Talk (Trap Transition 130 – 70bpm)
Danny D Angelis – Locked Out Of Heaven
DJ Alrach – 20 Fingers & Calvin Harris Nicky R – Iron Dick Man (Party Banger)
DJ Alrach – Edx & Nadia Ali – This Is Your Life (Peakhour Banger)
DJ Alrach – Lil Jon Pitbull Kardinal Vs Showtek – Smash The Club Vs Cannonball (Club Banger)
DJ Amo – Nicki Minaj – Turn Me On vs One
DJ AtWill – Destination Calabria (DJ Intro Redrum) (w & wo Hype)
DJ AtWill – Into The Groove (DJ Intro Outro Redrum) 120bpm
DJ AtWill – Moving On Up (DJ Intro Outro Redrum) 127bpm
DJ Corrupt – Funky Truffle Pig (Corrupt Party Edit)
DJ Gero – Go Hard (Extended Mix)
DJ Gero – Nu World Hustle (Party Hyped Mix)
DJ Hand – Karmin – Hello (Redrum)
DJ Hand – Michael Mind Project – Antiheroes (Ultimate House Banger)
DJ Hans – 99 (Transitions Clapped 100 – 124bpm)
DJ Hans – 99 Non (Transitions Clapped 124bpm)
DJ Hans – 99 Transitions (Jay Z)
DJ Jet – Stay (112 – 128bpm)
DJ Jhapz – Lil Eddie – Statue (DJ Jhapz Redrum 2013)
DJ Lil Roy – Party All The Time(patt) With You Dutch Banger
DJ Lil Roy – Somebody That I Used To Know (A Lilroy Dirty Dutch Production)
DJ Mista Cee – Beauty And A Code Beat (Mista Cee Bootleg)
DJ Mon – Big Booty Bitches (DM Clubmix) (bpm 128)
DJ Mon – Coco Jumbo (DM Old School Reworks) (bpm 100)
DJ Rich – Acid Rain (Hyped)
DJ Rich – Brian Cross Ft. Inna – Boom Boom (Party Starter) (Clean)
DJ Rich – Eve – Got What You Need (Party Hyperz)
DJ Rich – Moffatts – I’ll Be There For You (Hyped In)
Jenil – DJ Kickin Ass Party Starter Pack Vol. 1 (5 Edits + Tool)
Jenil – DJ Kickin Ass Party Starter Pack Vol. 2 (10 Edits)
X-Factor – Put Your Hands Up Starters Pt. 2 (SF 5 Bigroom Edits)

Soundz For The People Vol. 121

Soundz For The People Vol. 120 – 2014


Absolute Dancefloor – Right Now (Bigroom Banger) (3 Edits)
Andrew Craver – Louder (Transition 128 – 70bpm)
Benja Styles – Pour It Up (Redrum)
Danny D Angelis – I Could Be The One (Danny D Edit)
DJ Alrach – Beyonce Vs. Bun B Ying Yang – Get It Crazy In Love (Mash-up)
DJ Alrach – Carley Rae Jepsen – Tonight Im Getting Over You (Hype Redrum)
DJ Alrach – Fatman Palmez Nicky B Ft. Tanya – Magalehna 2013 (Latin Banger)
DJ Alrach – Ladies Party Bitches (Bootleg)
DJ Alrach – Ne-Yo – Let Me Love You (Clubmix)
DJ Alrach – Scream & Shout (3 Edits Segue W Dubstep)
DJ Alrach – Shalamar – Night To Remember (Acapella In)
DJ Ariel Assault – Diamonds (DJ Ariel Assault Reggae Fnl Mix)
DJ AtWill – C Mon (Hype Partystarter Bridge Flip Intro)
DJ AtWill – Fuckin Problems (DJ Intro Outro Redrum) (Clean & Dirty)
DJ AtWill – Money For Nothing (DJ Intro Outro Club Redrum) 134bpm
DJ Gero – Do Wah Diddi (Party Intro Hype)
DJ Gero – Gucci Gucci (Lil Jon Hyped Intro And Outro)
DJ Hand – Daddy Yankee Feat. Emelee – Lose Control (Dutch Surprise Banger)
DJ Hand – Pitbull – I Know You Want Me (v2 Tribal Dutch Banging)
DJ Jet – Harlem Shake (Jet Refix Edit) (2 Edits Full & Qh)
DJ Jhapz – Hips Dont Lie (DJ Jhapz Party Mix 2013)
DJ Lil Roy – Fuq The Police (Big Room House Banger A Lilroy Production)
DJ Lil Roy – Lengua Afuera (Super Dutch Party Break)
DJ Lyte – Thrift Shop (Single Ladies DJ Lyte Remix)
DJ Mista Cee – It’s My Flashbang
DJ Mon – Born To Groove This Way (DM Mashmix) (bpm 124)
DJ Mon – Dancin (DM Old School Reworks) (bpm 101)
DJ Mon – Hurts So Good (DM Dutchmash) (bpm 128)
DJ Obg – Are We All We Are (Re-drum Edit)
DJ Rich – Animal (Hyped)
DJ Rich – Karmah – Just Be Good To Me (Party Hyperz)
DJ Santi Santos – London Bridge
Jenil – Acapella Intro & Outro Megapack Vol. 2
X-Factor – Reward You With My Body (SF Work It Clubmix) (2 Edits)

Soundz For The People Vol. 120

Soundz For The People Vol. 119 – 2013


Absolute Dancefloor – Nuclear (3 Edits)
Andrew Craver – Breakin A Sweat Transition (130 – 70bpm)
Benja Styles – Cockiness (Hell Yeah House Refix)
Danny D Angelis – Reason (Danny D House Edit)
DJ Alrach – 50 Cent – Disco Inferno (Refixx)
DJ Alrach – Be Faithful (2 Edits W Segue)
DJ Alrach – Big Booty (Party Starter)
DJ Alrach – Dada Life – So Young So High (Tribal House)
DJ Alrach – Flo Rida – Let It Roll (Hype Bootleg)
DJ Alrach – Lil Jon Eastside Boyz Young Buck Lloyd & 50 Cent – Bia Bia (Clap Aca In)
DJ AtWill – Locked Out Of Heaven (DJ Transition Redrum 110 – 138bpm) (4 Edits)
DJ Jet – Yolo (Redrum Hype) (2 Edits Hype & No Hype)
Jenil – DJ Friendly Alternative Rock Pack Vol. 1 (12 Short Edits)
Jenil – DJ Friendly Alternative Rock Pack Vol. 2 (12 Short Edits)
Spindiana Jones – French Montana Ft. Nicki Minaj – Freaks (Murder She Wrote Segue) (Clean & Dirty)
Underrated – Ball (The Underrated Hype 3 Pack)
X-Factor – Be Ultimate Pack (5 Edits)

Soundz For The People Vol. 119

Soundz For The People Vol. 118 – 213


Absolute Dancefloor – Hit Em High (Monstars Anthem) (3 Edits)
Andrew Craver – Bromance Till The World Ends
Benja Styles – Intro (Three Pack)
Danny D Angelis – Scream And Shout (Danny D Edit) (2 Edits)
DJ Alrach – Body Bangers Og Boo Ft. Yung Joc – Freak (Hype Banger)
DJ Alrach – Carly Rae Jepsen & Owl City – Good Time (Acapella In)
DJ Aristocat – Like Home (Tall Boys Trap Remix)
DJ AtWill – Hello (DJ Intro Outro Redrum) (w & wo Hype)
DJ Corrupt – Ode To Humps (Corrupt Mashup)
DJ Gero – Finally Found You (Extended Mix)
DJ Hand – Chris Brown Feat Afrojack – As Your Friend (Ultimate Dutch Banger)
DJ Hand – Zedd – Spectrum (Primetime House Banger)
DJ Jet – Harlem Shake (Jet Tranny Flip Edit) (130 – 70 – 130bpm)
DJ Jet – When Love Is Party Starter Pack (5 Edits)
Jenil – Acapella Intro & Outro Megapack Vol. 1
JX – Harlem Shake (JX Epic Bootleg 2 Edits)
Rob Conti – Give It To Me With A Suit And Tie (2 Edits)
Spindiana Jones – French Montana Ft. Nicki Minaj – Freaks Transition (128 – 95bpm) (Clean & Dirty)
Underrated – Thrift Shop (Underrated Hype Smasher 3 Pack)
X-Factor – Lets Get Ill Intro (5 Edits)

Soundz For The People Vol. 118

Soundz For The People Vol. 117 – 2013


Absolute Dancefloor – Dance With Me (2013 Dance Remix) (3 Edits)
Andrew Craver – Turbulence (Trap Transition 130 – 70bpm)
Benja Styles – Hello (Ode To Oi House Refix)
Danny D Angelis – S&S (7 Nation Intro)
DJ Alrach – 2 Live Crew Vs. Jump Smokers – Uncle Luke Party (Peak Hour Mash)
DJ Amo – Nicki Minaj – Turn Me On (Intro Outro w Dutch & Dubstep Break)
DJ Ariel Assault – Let Me Love U (DJ Ariel Assault B.D.E. Remix)
DJ Aristocat – Million Voices (Tall Boys Remix)
DJ AtWill – 80s Quick Hitter Redrum Pack (6 Edits)
DJ Corrupt – Clockwork – Hulk (Corrupt Go Harder Edit)
DJ Gero – 143 (I Love You) (Hyped Party Intro Outro)
DJ Gero – Don’t Stop The Rock (Fatman Scoop Hyped Mix)
DJ Hand – 4 Am (Extended House Banger)
DJ Hans – Bohemian – Trapsody (DJ Friendly With Intro)
DJ Jet – Dance 2013 (Jet Peak Hour Edit)
DJ Jet – Jet Beatapella Edit Pack (2 Pac) (5 Edits)
DJ Jhapz – Die Young (DJ Jhapz 2k13 Party Starter)
DJ Keith Nasty – All Gold Everything (Peak Hour Trans 128 – 100bpm)
Jenil – Clap For The DJ Party Starter Pack Vol. 1 (5 Edits + Tool)
Jenil – Clap For The DJ Party Starter Pack Vol. 2 (10 Edits)
JX – Party Starter 2013 Vol. 1 (5 Edits)
X-Factor – Bring The 80’s Back (5 Edits)

Soundz For The People Vol. 117

Soundz For The People Vol. 116 – 2013


Absolute Dancefloor – Sm Rift (Mashup)
Chris Evo Horn – Beautiful Hangover (Dance Remix)
Chris Evo Horn – Viices (Remix)
DJ A.D. – We Dont Stop Cant Stop Me Now (Peakhour Mash)
DJ A.D. – What A Feeling (Kelly Rowland Peakhour Banger Main)
DJ AtWill – I Cry (Bridge Flip Transition 90 – 128bpm)
DJ AtWill – Im Coming Out (DJ Intro Uptempo Redrum) 119bpm
DJ AtWill – White Horse (Club Redrum) 125bpm
DJ Coz – Give It To Me (2beat Throwback Blend)
DJ Coz – Hoy Lo Siento (Transition 130 – 92bpm Dance To Reggaeton)
DJ Coz – Taboo – DJ (Speedy Jr Salsa To Dance Transition Acapella Out)
DJ Hans – F_ckin Problem To Flap Your Wings (Clean Cut)
DJ Jhapz – Bring Out The Bottles (DJ Jhapz Hype)
DJ Jhapz – Sexy And I Know It The Way You Are (DJ Jhapz Mashup Mix)
DJ Mon – Club Can’t Handle The Mash (DM Hyper Mash) (bpm 130)
DJ Mon – Dying Inside To Hold You (DM Old School Reworks) (bpm 102)
DJ Mon – Hit The Breakz On The Floor (DM Hyper Break) (bpm 130)
DJ Mon – Low Party Anthem (DM Hyper Breakz) (bpm 126)
DJ Mon – Rock It Like Electro (DM Hyper Breakz) (bpm 128)
DJ Mon – Sally That Girl (DM Old School Reworks) (bpm 130)
DJ Mon – Sally’s Birthday Sex (DM Hyper Mash) (bpm 130)
DJ Mon – Swing (DM Old School Reworks) (bpm 110)
DJ Mon – Your Body (DM Hyper Redrums) (bpm 104)
DJ Obg – Beamer, Benz Or Bentley (Hype Starter)
DJ Obg – Morgens Immer Muede (Bootleg Mix)
DJ Obg – My Life (Hype Starter)
DJ Rich – Rippa – Drinks Up (Party Hyperz)
DJ Sk0olboy – She Make’s Me Go (Extended Redrum)
Jenil – Dynamite Levels (Avicii X Taio Cruz Mashup)
Jenil – Freaky Thriller (A.D. Party Break)
Jenil – Loca People Party Break (Willy William Outro)
Jenil – Spin 360 Party Break 102 – 108bpm (Old School Hiphop Megamix)
JX – Clarity (JX Reboot)
JX – Sexy Domino (JX Rewired)
X-Factor – Balada (SF Remix)
X-Factor – Clarity (XF Party Starter)
X-Factor – Im On One (XF One Mix)
X-Factor – Million Voices Apologize (XF Primetime Intro Edit)
X-Factor – Pon De Hands Up (SF Personal Edit)
X-Factor – Sexy People (SF Clubmix)
X-Factor – Smells Like Cannonball

Soundz For The People Vol. 116

Soundz For The People Vol. 115 – 2013


Absolute Dancefloor – Raining (Disco Mashup)
Absolute Dancefloor – Wild Ones Vs Over And Over (Mashup)
Chris Evo Horn – Orange Door Hinge
Chris Evo Horn – Way Too Fast
DJ A.D. – Sexy And I Know It Cloudburn (Peakhour Mash)
DJ AtWill – Fresh (DJ Intro Outro Redrum) 125bpm
DJ AtWill – The Beat Goes On (DJ Intro Outro Redrum)
DJ Coz – Ella No Sigue Modas (Speedy Jr Reggaeton To House Trans 97 – 128bpm)
DJ Coz – Hits N Hip Hop 11min (Qh Mix) (Clean)
DJ Coz – One And A Million (Bass N Highs Mix)
DJ Hans – Lil Suzy – Take Me In Your Arms (Redrummed)
DJ Jhapz – Im Sexy And I Know It (DJ Jhapz 2013 Boomerang Fix)
DJ Jhapz – The Next Gangnam Style Episode (DJ Jhapz Break Mix)
DJ Mon – Body Shots Breaks (DM Hyper Breakz) (bpm 120)
DJ Mon – Daylight (DM Bootymix) (bpm 122)
DJ Mon – Get Back (DM Hyper Club Remix) (bpm 128)
DJ Mon – I Wanna Get Jump (DM Trannymix) (bpm 132 – 107bpm)
DJ Mon – I Wanna Get Mash (DM Hyper Mash) (bpm 128)
DJ Mon – Make It Easy (DM Old School Reworks) (bbpm 102)
DJ Mon – Ode To Oi (DM Hyper Clubmix) (bpm 128)
DJ Mon – Room Service Break (DM Hyper Breakz) (bpm 127)
DJ Mon – Set A Drift On Memory Bliss (DM Old School Reworks) (bpm 100)
DJ Mon – Tide Is High (DM Trannymix) (bpm 128 – 100)
DJ Obg – Hurt So Good (Hype Starter)
DJ Obg – Troublefreak (Obg & Chris Wittig Bootleg Mix)
DJ Rich – Locked Out Of Heaven (Remix Xtendz)
DJ Sk0olboy – Live While We’re Young (Hype Redrum)
DJ Sk0olboy – Summer En France (Lil’jon’s Party Starter)
Jenil – Dirty Talk Levels (Avicii X Wynter Gordon Mashup)
Jenil – Firework Levels (Avicii X Katy Perry Mashup)
Jenil – Go Crazy Awooga Party Break
Jenil – Only Girl In The World Levels (Avicii X Rihanna Mashup)
Jenil – Where Dem Girls At (Avicii X Flo Rida Mashup)
JX – Booty Hopscotch (JX Intro)
JX – Ode To Oi (JX Pitbull Anthem)
Kconn – Another Bites The Ruff Ryder (Transition 110 – 91bpm)
Kconn – Who Is Ready To Jump (Personal Edit)
PeteDown – When Can I See You Again (Overhaul) (2 Edits)
Rob Conti – Crazy In Love (Uh Oh Segway)
X-Factor – Chasing Cars (SF Porter Bootleg)
X-Factor – Im Busy (X-Factor Mims Mix)
X-Factor – Kick The Epic Hook (SF Bigroom Banger)
X-Factor – One Step Closer Dude (SF Linkin Chuck Tool)
X-Factor – Satisfaction And I Know It
X-Factor – We Will Rock You (SF Hardcore Tranny Edit 112 – 87bpm)

Soundz For The People Vol. 115

Soundz For The People Vol. 114 – 2013


Absolute Dancefloor – Annies Spectrum (Mashup)
Absolute Dancefloor – Touched In And Out Of My Life (Mashup)
Chris Evo Horn – Lady Luck Remix
DJ A.D. – I Like To Move It Celebration (Peakhour Mash)
DJ AtWill – Girls Just Want To Have Fun (DJ Intro Club Redrum) 128bpm
DJ AtWill – The Dream Team Is In The House (Club Redrum)
DJ Coz – Caught Up (Tampa Jook Mix)
DJ Coz – I Miss You (DJ Coz 2 Beat Blend)
DJ Gero – Youre A Jerk (Fatman Scoop Hyped)
DJ Jhapz – Crazy (DJ Jhapz Redrum Hype)
DJ Jhapz – Kesha – C U Next Tuesday (DJ Jhapz 2013 Hyped)
DJ Mon – Bounce (DM Hyper Breakz) (bpm 128)
DJ Mon – Elevate My Mind (DM Old School Reworks) (bpm 116)
DJ Mon – Hey Porsche (DM Hyper Redrums) (bpm 116)
DJ Mon – Like A G Break (DM Trannymix) (bpm 100 – 125bpm)
DJ Mon – Moves Like Jagger (DM Bootymix) (bpm 128)
DJ Mon – Rum & Raybans (DM Hyper Clubmix) (bpm 124)
DJ Mon – Scream & Shout (DM Bootymix) (bpm 130)
DJ Mon – The Low Break Tranny’s (DM Trannymix) (bpm 102 – 105 – 128bpm)
DJ Mon – Troublemaker (DM Hyper Redrums) (bpm 103)
DJ Obg – Drinks For You (Ladies Anthem) (Hype Starter)
DJ Obg – More Than Friends (Party Starter)
DJ Obg – Turn Around (Peakhour Banger)
DJ Rich – Macklemore Ft. Wanz – Thift Shop (Get Crunk)
DJ Sk0olboy – One Hell Of A Night (Hype Extended)
Jenil – Call Me Levels Maybe (Avicii X Carly Rae Jepsen Mashup)
Jenil – Discoteca Party Break
Jenil – Girls Pon De Floor Party Break 2013
Jenil – Levels And Reverse (Hands Up Party Break)
Jenil – Rock N Rolla 2013 Party Break
JX – Dance 2013 (JX Pumped-up Mix)
Kconn – Glad You Came (Peak Hour Party Starter)
PeteDown – Thrift Shop (Party Starter) (Clean & Dirty)
PeteDown – Zumba (2 Edits)
Rob Conti – Single Ladies Transition (97 – 129bpm)
Spindiana Jones – Diplo Vs. Montell Jordan – This Is How We Set It Off (Ratchet Mash)
X-Factor – I Just Had Sex (Teach Me Mix)
X-Factor – Its My Life 2013 (X- Factor Remix Feat. Slim V)
X-Factor – Locked Out Of Tung
X-Factor – No Rain (SF Bmore Banger)
X-Factor – Save The Ode (XF Oi Bootleg)
X-Factor – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (128 – 86bpm Transition)
X-Factor – West Side (128 – 82bpm Transition)

Soundz or The People Vol. 114