Soundz For The People Vol. 145 – 2015


Bad Habitz – Gypsy Trumpsta (Whichway Flip Bootleg)
Bad Habitz – Pretty Fly For White Guy (The Offspring 2013)
Bad Habitz – Putting On A Cinema 2013 (Drop The Bass Bootleg)
DJ Ace – Bring Out The Bottles
DJ Alrach – Nelly – Hey Porsche (Remix Hype)
DJ Atwill – Informer (DJ Intro Outro Redrum)
DJ Atwill – Maniac (DJ Intro Outro Redrum)
DJ B-sting – Ghost And Busters (Spooky Hype)
DJ B-sting – Goin In (Dutch Party Break)
DJ B-sting – Rattle The Harlem Shots Dutch (Jay-z Vs Lmfao Vs Bauuer)
DJ Chris Myk – Dance Again (Extended) (DJCM Feat. 8bars)
DJ Chris Myk – No Scrubs (Extended) (DJCM Feat. 8bars)
DJ Chris Myk – Scream And Shout (DJCM Transition 98 – 128bpm)
DJ Corrupt – Roll The Drums (Corrupt Vocal Edit)
DJ Dickies – Could You Be Love (Transition 103 – 107bpm)
DJ Dickies – Don’t Stop Believing (Bootleg)
DJ Dickies – Smash This Phat Bass (Vocal Edit)
DJ Keith Nasty – Harlem Shake Segway Heater 141 – 130bpm
DJ Mon – Drop It Low (DM Hyper Redrums) (bpm 88)
DJ Mon – The Next Smoke Episode (DM Peakhour Banger) (bpm 130)
DJ Mon – The Sweet City Of Gods (DM Mashups) (bpm 126)
DJ Santi Santos – Lip Gloss (Hiphop X Hype Intro)
DJ Santi Santos – Part Of Me (Party Starter)
DJ Sk0olboy – Drink For You (Drinks Up Party Starter)
DJ Slickjay – Dont Stop The Spice Girls (Hype Party Starter)
Double Trouble – Smells Like Teen Spirit (Double Touble Tuneup)
Highnoone & Parle – Freaks (Og Blend)
Jason Dewey – Anytime (Extended Mix)
Jason Dewey – Turn Around (Hype Mix)
Jason Dewey – Wide Awake (Jason Dewey Trap Remix)
Jenil – Don’t Stop The Party (Pitbull X TJR Reggaeton Transition) 100 – 127bpm
Jenil – Yeah 3x Jump Dutch Segue (Moombah Outro) 130bpm
JunJay – Livimbo – Daddy Yankee Ft. Karmin Shiff (Redrum Mix)
JunJay – Lose Control – Missy Elliot Ft. Ciara & Fatman Scoop
JunJay – My Life Is A Party (R.I.O Edit)
Mashup Wreckaz – Atrevete (Hype Intro)
Spindiana Jones – Afrojack Ft. Chris Brown – As Your Friend Trapsition Up (70 – 128bpm)
Stoggi & Vim Productions – C Mon The Train N Ride It Vs Macklemore Cant Hold Us Mashup
Stoggi & Vim Productions – Doin It Vs Suit N Tie (Mashup)
Stoggi & Vim Productions – Hold Yuh Remix (Gyptian Vs Next Xxtra Beatzz)
X-factor – Funky Bee Eff Eff (SF Wild Cherry Remix)


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